Used Itech X-Wing 7.8 Black-Navy Hockey Goalie Leg Pad 31+1
Used Itech X-Wing 7.8 Black-Navy Hockey Goalie Leg Pad 31+1
Used Itech X-Wing 7.8 Black-Navy Hockey Goalie Leg Pad 31+1

Used Itech X-Wing 7.8 Black-Navy Hockey Goalie Leg Pad 31+1

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  • New/Used? = Used
  • Brand = Itech
  • Model - Hockey = X-Wing 7.8
  • Size = 31+1
  • Sport Color = Navy-Black
  • Leg Pad Spec = 12"
  • Sport Theme = Ice Hockey

Item Number: 7902-1

Item ID: 53648

Category: Goalie Leg Pads