CCM Jetspeed FT485 Ice Hockey Elbow Pads

CCM Jetspeed FT485 Ice Hockey Elbow Pads

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 The CCM JetSpeed FT485 Elbow Pad is a great choice for the competitive player who is seeking affordable protection and great mobility for their game. An all-new three-piece design provides a full range of motion so the quick and agile player can move more naturally.

Hard molded plastic offers extensive coverage from the elbow to the forearm and is built with CCM's exclusive JDP Technology. By dispersing high impact energy into the surrounding foams, the elbow joint becomes much more protected when taking on direct impact with a surface or other player.

Both the forearm and bicep protection give a good wrap for coverage while maintaining a low-profile design. Everything is securely locked in place with a solid three-strap system to prevent protection from moving around without sacrificing player mobility.

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